Global Procurement Consultant

As our value added service to you, we as part of a global procurement consulting firm and we are exclusively involved in procurement and sourcing around the globe. Our operations and headquarter are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but our network of contacts and business partners span through the world. We’ll help connect our international buyers with real suppliers from all over the continents.

Our firm is growing and we are always open to new strategic alliances with direct buyers, suppliers and manufacturers. We offer our consulting services by providing companies with unprecedented access to new and existing our supply bases from around the world.

No procurement project is ever be the same because people, companies and cultures, as well as the goods and services they trade, are all different. That’s why we provide a global service with a local approach to suit the needs and requirements.

If accessing new and emerging markets through strategic sourcing is a priority for your company, we can help you to reduce the cost of supply while maintaining the quality and integrity of the products you are purchasing. We are here ready to serve and give a best service and commitment.